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I’ve been thinking about what it means to be settled.

Settled, to me is stability. It's finding peace with what's around you. And, most simply, it’s the moment you look up and smile because this is where you’re meant to be today.

In recent months, I’ve welcomed a few changes, knowing that the familiar will keep the changing-Jo tethered to the settled-Jo.

A few things I’ve settled with recently:

A new look on Always-Jo: I hope that one was obvious.

A new office: Almost 3 months ago, I left a family of co-workers to join a new team. They’re just as lively, creative and willing to let me eat all the leftover sweets. I’m tickled to be embarking on a new creative adventure.

New books and friends: This book has been occupying my evenings. Also, I joined a book club! So once a month I meet with new friends, drink wine and talk about books. It feels so good to find my literary voice again.


The dog sleeps on the bed: Letting the dog sleep on your bed at night can be a bit of a battle, especially for space if they’re over the 50 pound mark. But it’s also a way to let your furry kid know that you care which makes asking Floyd to scoot off the bed at night just a little bit less frequent.

Writers are vulnerable: Writing, or any creative hobby, requires one to accept a level of vulnerability. Just think: you’re putting a part of yourself out there, letting it leave the comfort of your mind to find new eyes. I’m making a new commitment to myself to be more vulnerable [to write more]. What’s going to be your next promise to your creativity?


A second Christmas on Jefferson: Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree for the second time in our house. As I fluffed the ruffled branches, I couldn’t help but think how quickly time had flown. After almost 2 years on Jefferson Ave, I’ll officially say “..now that we’re settled.”

P.S. If you’re in Indy and haven’t stopped by to visit our #jeffersongeneralstore, please do!

Maybe you’re settling in with a new mystery novel and a cozy blanket, a new house or that piece of jewelry that’s finally on your left hand. Or maybe you're settling in with me here, on Always-Jo for the first time.

Wherever you're settled, comment below or tweet @jo_grabarek with what's bringing stability to your busy days.