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Working On Your Home // Working on You

Working On Your Home // Working on You


I always forget that I hate painting until I actually start painting. But, in that moment, after the first ambitious swipe upward, I realize: painting sucks.

It’s true that a little paint can transform a room. And so, once I get an idea of how a room should look, I want to jump right in. Let the roller hit the wall as they say! [Was that too punny?]

But painting a room [or even your whole house] is work. There’s trim to tape-off, furniture to move, and floors to cover.

I did, however, tackle painting our upstairs bathroom recently. Logan and I were eager to spruce up this space; it’s our main bathroom [the only full bath in the house] and a hot-spot in the morning. There are no windows, so I wanted to be sure to pick light, airy colors and decor that would leave the space feeling both cool and bright.

It took nearly all day to finish two coats on the small bathroom. And, as I stood back and admired the change in the room, I thought while I may hate painting, I do genuinely enjoy working on our house.

When you work on your home, you are working on yourself, and when you change your home, you are changing yourself.
— Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

So, what does painting my bathroom say about the changes I’m unknowingly making to myself?

I’m still not sure.

But I do feel confident saying that it’s important for us to be willing to work on both our homes and ourselves. We have to be willing to see where there’s room for growth [internally and externally] and then commit to making it happen. Hey, if not now, then when?

If painting isn’t your thing, still try to find some time to put in the work. Maybe make it a date with your sweetheart or best friend: order a pizza, open some beers and get to work! The final result is always personally rewarding.


P.S. Are you actually thinking of painting a room in your house? Be sure to catch these painting Dos and Don’ts from HGTV before you get rolling!

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