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When You Promise to Love Reading Again

When You Promise to Love Reading Again

I grew up reading like I breathed: continuously, steadily, automatically.

As a young girl, our family made weekly trips to the library. Mom would sit with me as I pulled out titles and flipped through pages until my canvas bag was full of new books for the upcoming week. At home, dog-eared books rested on couch arms and beside dad’s morning cup of coffee.

By the time I was in high school, I had learned to revere books as all-important tools, the nuts and bolts linking me to the world beyond.

In college, I instinctively chose to study English literature. And for the next four years, I was intimately included in a community of peers who read as fervently as myself.

But, unlike those early trips to the library, I rarely made my own reading choices in college, instead, reading to the dictation of a semester’s syllabus. And by the time I accepted a diploma and a full time job, I felt burnt out on books.

With the new year and the annual opportunity to start fresh, I’ve made a promise to read more. And already, it feels like I’m back to something of my former self, reading to that same rhythm.

Below you’ll find links to resources that are sure to reinvigorate [or just initiate] a love for reading.

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2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge by PopSugar

What are some of your favorite books, you know the one’s you’ve read hundreds of times? Leave a comment and I’ll share some of my favorite titles too!

Happy reading!

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