Here you'll find design tips and my thoughts on making a home your home. Hope you have a nice stay!



Hi, and welcome to Always- Jo!

I’m Joanna, the writer behind this blog.

A little about myself: I’m a writer living in Indianapolis. A recent college graduate [Go Dawgs!], I’ve had almost two full years in the real world… and I’m still figuring things out. My boyfriend [Logan] and I just bought our first house, so we’re figuring that out too. I’m sarcastic and primarily motivated by coffee. I love walks with our puppy [Floyd] and lazy [specifically summer] mornings.

A little about the blog: I’m a creative at heart [though I’m a technical writer during the day]. Always- Jo is my creative outlet, a blog that relies upon storytelling to find balance within the ups and downs. It too is primarily motivated by coffee.

How to get more: I’m just getting started, so subscribe here to receive email updates when new posts come out. You can also follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to [more often what Floyd’s up to].

House-to-Home:                                               Learning the Process

House-to-Home: Learning the Process