Here you'll find design tips and my thoughts on making a home your home. Hope you have a nice stay!

House-to-Home:                                               Learning the Process

House-to-Home: Learning the Process

[First Time Home Series]

The front door squeaks and the basement will flood if the rain season is unforgiving. The bricks leave a gracious layer of dust behind, which I’m faithfully fighting. The upstairs carpet has already absorbed a fair amount of puppy accidents.

It’s a process, we keep saying, referring to both puppy training and homeownership.

For nearly 6 months, Logan and I have been working to make this place a home. Along the way, we've learned some things about each other, our home, and the trouble with drilling into brick.

A home is a process compiled of ups, downs, a few mishaps and lots of tweaks. It’s the mis-judged stud holes in the ceiling, now disguised with a hearty squeeze of toothpaste [a new handy-man trick for me]. It’s the antiques that we’ve pondered over, wondering if they look best centered or maybe a bit more to the left...and higher, all while Logan balances the drill under his arm.

A home is an emotional investment made together. It's walls that we've drilled deep in to [which is quite a task when you're drilling against brick] to mount the photograph I got Logan last year for Christmas. Or the hardwood floors that we laboriously sweep, only to go another round in a few days. It's the perennials we planted in the front flower bed, a welcome home gift from my co-workers.

Home is curling up on the couch, with a puppy warming your toes and thinking, it's all coming together

A new home is about adapting, engaging, and relaxing.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more stories about our home in this series. Stop back in for stories about the history of our house [I met some previous owners!], mishaps [and successes], decorating tips, and some ongoing DIY projects.

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