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3 Capsule Wardrobe Failures

3 Capsule Wardrobe Failures

Fashion bloggers and designers have been whispering all summer about capsule wardrobes, a minimalist take on fashion that promises to reduce clutter, save money, and provide more outfit options.

So, what is a capsule wardrobe?

Here's the quick summary: a wardrobe that relies upon 20-40 pieces for 3-4 months. This includes shoes, bags, jackets, and scarves. Some say fitness apparel, accessories, and special occasion outfits are not included in the overall count [whew].

I bet you're thinking the same thing as me: im-possible.

But, since our new house came with limited closet space and my sweaters have already flowed into the guest room, I figured a capsule wardrobe was worth a shot.

Here are my 3 capsule wardrobe failures [listed in chronological order]:

  1. One source recommends brainstorming weekly activities to outline the most common and frequently worn pieces. I made my list, noting that I spent most of my time at work or at home on the couch. Later that day, I purchased three new items during Loft’s 50% off sale.
  2. I made a pile of items that were considered maybe’s, you know that cute shirt you bought a year ago and kind of forgot you had. If I didn’t wear an item in the pile in the next few weeks, it was gone. Two of five shirts made it out, mainly because I was low on laundry.
  3. This weekend I finally took an honest stab at the capsule wardrobe. I loaded up three bags full of clothes. All in all, I said goodbye to 8 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shoes, and a heaping pile of shirts. I decided to wait to discard my sweaters, thinking it wasn’t fair just yet, since they hadn’t quite enjoyed the fall weather.

So, I had 3 failures at my attempt to make it to a capsule wardrobe. But hey, I did condense down to one closet, which earned a woooow from Logan.

Have you tried a capsule closet? Leave your thoughts below, I’d love to hear of other’s attempts at this new fashion mindset!

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