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Experiment + A Banana Bread Failure

Experiment + A Banana Bread Failure


This is not a post about cookies, even though I do really love cookies.

And for full disclosure, Logan baked the cookies pictured in this post since my baked good was not quite so photogenic.

Go ahead, read on. You'll see what I mean.

You could always find a small stash of frozen bananas in our freezer when I was younger.

Occasionally, the stash would grow so large that the frozen fruit tumbled out each time the door opened. In our house, lunging to get out of the way of the “banana bombs” was an adapted defensive maneuver. If you wanted the ice cream, you’d have to work for it.

Eventually, when dad had enough of the banana bombs threatening to amputate a toe, Mom whipped up a batch of banana bread and muffins [because we always had enough for both recipes].

You should know that my mother considered baking to be an art rooted in experimentation which meant she frequently deviated from original recipes, adding in a pinch of cinnamon or more vanilla just because it felt right. It’s funny, that today as I’ve assumed responsibilities for baking in my own home, I am a strict recipe follower. I like the rules, the clear path forward that a recipe offers.

I have, however, inherited her tendency to freeze bananas. And, a few weekends ago it was finally time to make a yummy, warm loaf from the frozen fruit.

But, my recipe adherence led me astray. My banana bread was a flop [literally, the inside sunk like a canyon]. Luckily, Logan also made cookies that afternoon. So while we laughed about my failed loaf, we snacked on his warm ooey-gooey cookies.

I woke up the next morning to a cup of coffee and the corners of the bread that Logan managed to salvage. As I munched on the scraps, I was reminded that sometimes, even when you do follow the rules and you do everything right, things still just don’t work out.

And that’s ok.

Learning to embrace a little more experimentation, to move outside of a recipe, could yield something actually edible.


P.S. Do you have a good banana bread recipe? I'm in the market for a reliable one. Comment below to share!

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Working On Your Home // Working on You