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Hey you.

I’ve always functioned on the belief that you should say yes first and figure out the logistics afterwards. [sound familiar?] And while this is a good rule, at some point you have to recognize when you’ve said yes too many times.

So far this year, I’ve said yes to lazy Sundays and a new gym membership. Yes to a pile of library books and backlogged episodes on Netflix. I’ve welcomed new creative projects, some personal and some professional.

There’s a planner sitting on the desk in our upstairs loft. It’s black and thin and perfectly ordinary. I bought it thinking it could manage my time better. I bought it thinking that it was my missing tool, that with it I could make more time for more things.

But planning forgets about real life. It doesn’t account for the days it’s pleasantly warm for February and it forgets Floyd hasn’t had a decent walk all winter. It schedules layout designs and post editing during an early Sunday dinner and doesn’t leave time for washing dishes with your sweetie.

Still, while I wasn’t following the plan, I thought about Always- Jo and where she’s headed and more importantly, why I haven’t felt compelled to write to you.

I had tons of ideas and made lists to keep track of my lists about potential post topics. When it was time to write, the words were slow and the tone a bit too… hyper. With each post I was reaching for that “blogger voice,” the one that is excited and instructional and has it all together.

But, I didn’t recognize the voice behind the page. It wasn’t how we would talk if you finally stopped over to the house and we spent the morning enjoying a drink on the porch, chatting and catching up.

So, we’re taking a creative turn.

I’m going to change what this space is, what it says about me and my home [hint: new vibe]. And hopefully, along the way I’ll solidify what it means to you and how it contributes to your daily routine.

Thanks for always sticking around.



Succulents + Sugar Molds + Patience

Succulents + Sugar Molds + Patience

Sunday To Do's

Sunday To Do's