Welcome to my home!

I'm Jo, the voice behind Always-Jo.

About Me: I’m a writer, who often works with a hot cup of coffee [or a glass of Malbec] nearby. In 2010, I claimed Indianapolis as home. During the day, I work in marketing for a law firm. Evenings typically involve haphazard dinners [often cooked by Logan] and endless games of fetch with our boxer pup [Floyd]. Those two will frequent the blog, as they are my main characters and source of excitement in the day-to-day.

About Home: Logan and I bought our first home together in May 2015. We’ve classified our style as Vintage Industrial, mixing antiques with metal and natural wood textures. If I’ve learned anything about home decorating, it’s to make the space an expression of you. I’m overly organized, purposeful, and practical. Logan is relaxed, expressive, and thrifty. Our home is an automatic blend of the two.

About Blog: Always- Jo launched in the fall of 2015 as a creative outlet: a space for stories, memories, and inspiration all centered on the concept of self + home. My posts share what’s new around the #jeffersongeneralstore [aesthetically and philosophically].